Advanced by Design

Siem Reap City Land provides an extensive range of construction services including architectural designs and drawing plans; plant hire; the supply of high-quality building materials and fixtures and fittings; plus a skilled labour force able to undertake all aspects of construction work.  The company is currently involved in a number of construction projects in and around Siem Reap, providing clients with unbeatable service.

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Siem Reap City Land Plant-Hire Services

We’ll Move the Earth for You

No matter how big the task or how small the time-frame, Siem Reap City Land has the heavy plant to get the job done.  Our plant-hire customers can choose from an extensive range of plant:

  • dump trucks and bulk material transporters
  • bulldozers with a range of attachments
  • excavators
  • steamrollers and compactors
  • tractor-mounted and hand-held jack-hammers and pneumatic drills
  • water trucks
  • mechanized graders and chippers
  • skilled drivers and operators

For plant-hire customers without access to plant operators, we can supply experienced drivers and operators for all of the equipment listed above.  We also provide a consultancy service on the suitability of specific plant for specific jobs.  Use the Contact Us section of this website if you require further information about these services.