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Does Cambodia need another real estate company?

We at Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd. believe it does.  We believe that there is room in the domestic real estate market for a new type of business model; one that attends to the primary need of clients: the ability to purchase and use their own land.

Shortly after my marriage, I wondered how I would ever be able to afford to buy my own land.  I was renting a house and finding it difficult to save money.  After talking to my neighbours, I realized that many local people were worrying about the same problem.  Moving from the rental sector to the ownership sector is always difficult, and it is particularly difficult in a country like Cambodia where incomes are low and land prices have escalated steadily.

I grew increasingly concerned about this issue and spent a considerable time thinking of ways I could help ordinary local people to become landowners.  I formed a partnership with a friend who owned an engineering company and in 2009 Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd. was founded.  Together with the company’s other directors we arrived at a simple, workable solution to the ownership problem.

My idea proved popular with both domestic and foreign clients and, as a result, Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd. can currently boast over 700 satisfied customers, all of whom have become landowners.  For Khmer citizens this has meant the ability to take possession of a secure, saleable asset and plan for the long-term wellbeing of their families.  Foreigners have benefitted from the availability of affordable land plots in a town that is notorious for inflated land prices.

Since its initial foundation, Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd. has continued to expand and add new services including building design and construction, real estate consultancy, legal advice, property valuation, plant hire, and provision of skilled labour.

Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd. was founded to assist ordinary local clients to buy land.  My philosophy, to attend primarily to the needs of clients, dominates our company’s business practices.  We have founded our customer relations on the simple principals of honesty, integrity and trust, and yes, we believe there is room in the Cambodian property market for a company like ours.

Mr. Kimsuor Lay, CEO, Siem Reap City Land Co. Ltd.

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